Garden Notes


Well, the cold frames worked well. TOO well. A sudden heat wave last week (a few days in the 80s out of no where) and I forgot to take the tops off on a particularly sunny day. All the seedlings are fried (well, 90%, a few might be able to be saved).

Fortunately, May Market was yesterday and today at Phipps. I was able to find Garden Dreams, who stocks most of the same varieties I was planning on growing, and pick up some tomatoes and peppers to make up for what was struck the hardest.

Pretty upsetting given that I was trying to start seeds for two others, had invested in a better setup than any year prior, and yet have the worst results of any year. Shows what a delicate balance this whole thing can be!

Garden Notes

Update – cold frames!

Finally made two cold frames for the beds. The whole idea of switching to ‘modular’ 3’x3′ beds was to better allow moving things like netting, cold frames, shade cloth, etc between the various beds. These two are made from rigid plastic used for green houses on the sides, and are sized to allow re-use of the former cold house windows on top. They are just set loosely on the bed, and the window loosely on that.