Garden Notes

Peppers and Tomatoes

Most of the tomatoes are up and doing well. A third of the peppers are up and very strong. A third are germinates but no real leaves yet. And the last third are no shows. New trays and humidity domes are working super well with the heat mats. Will need more heat mats next year, partially why not more germinated peppers.

Garden Notes

Tomatoes are in full swing.

White Queen rots on vine too often, but looks nice in contrast.

Costolutos are doing alright, but a few rot as usual. Blue beauty and blue berry both cracking a lot.

Chadwick cherry doing poorly. Minimal growth, early wilt, little fruit.

All of harry klees tomatoes are doing very well. Need to double check varieties, but I believe newest hybrid has some of the best results.

Beets have been hit or miss, less than a dozen truly great. Carrots have been fantastic, the freebie cosmic purple making some surprisingly good carrots.

Cucumber blight has set in this weekend. Best crop up until that point.

Harlequin bugs are all over brassicas. Broccoli barely making a head, no more than 1″ across.

Cœur di bue doing better than lots of other cabbage, but still plagued by pests. Maybe fully tent/enclose next year?

Herbs (cilantro, parsley, cumin) have been terrible. Thyme has been great though. Basil is as good as ever, Mammollo has been a great variety.

Peppers are best ever. Judging by neighbors issues with groundhog, and lack of peppers being eaten, should be safe to move them outside fence next year.

Weather has been mid 80s with 90+% humidity and lows barely in upper 60s. Little to no cross winds, very stagnant.