Garden Notes

Update 7.6.18

Garlic! After waiting and waiting for scapes, finally did some reading to realize there are hard neck and soft neck varieties of garlic, and only the former reliably shoots up scapes. Al the other signs of being ready to harvest were there (tipping over, browning stalk), so I went ahead and harvested them today. Elsewhere in the garden there have been a reliable half dozen cornichons every few days, and over a dozen carrots came up last week. The succession plantings of those are finally showing first leaves. Earlier in the week I planted a few fall crops, radicchio and Brussels sprouts in particular. This past week was mid nineties for the majority, with lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Not too much wind damage, and surprises the heat hasn’t caused the tomatoes to turn more. Still all green. Raspberries are nearing the end of their run, while peppers are recalling hitting their stride. Should have at least one or two bells ready by this time next week. Soybeans and green beans are doing alright, but too crowded and not enough of them for great yields. Someday with more space…

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